Scrap Metal

Selling Scrap Metal Should Be Easy...

Stop in and see our friendly and helpful staff. We can buy pretty much anything you have made out of metal.

There are a few exceptions:
  • No Refrigerators, Freezers or Large Coolers
  • No Catalytic Converters
  • No Air Conditioners or Dehumidifiers
  • No Public Works items (sewer covers, traffic signals, etc)
  • No Headstones or Grave Markers

Scale hours are Monday - Friday from 9AM - 5PM.

Current Pricing*

Ferrous Scrap$0.07
Whole Auto$0.08
Auto Cast$0.10
#1 Copper (non-insulated)$3.60
#2 Copper (non-insulated)$3.40
#3 Copper$2.75
#1 Copper (Insulated)$2.15
#2 Copper (Insulated)$1.25
Wiring Harness$0.75
Phone/Comm Wire$0.75
Decorative Lights$0.10
Radiators (Copper)$2.00
Radiators (Copper/Irony)$1.40
Radiators (Copper/Aluminum)$1.50
Radiators (Copper/Alum/Irony)$1.25
Radiators (Aluminum)$0.40
Radiators (Aluminum/Irony)$0.30
Red Brass$2.50
Yellow Brass$2.25
Refinery Brass$1.25
Cast Aluminum (old)$0.50
Cast Aluminum (irony)$0.40
Cast Aluminum (new)$0.50
Sheet Aluminum$0.50
Sheet Aluminum (Irony)$0.40
Aluminum Siding$0.50
Aluminum Extrusion$0.60
Aluminum Extrusion (Irony)$0.40
Smelter Aluminum$0.10
Stainless Steel (Magnetic)$0.07
Stainless Steel (Non-Magnetic)$0.20
Wheel Weights$0.10
*subject to change without notice 
Large quantities may qualify for higher prices 

Scrap Metal Facts

Steel, aluminum and copper can be recycled again and again without ever degrading. Plastic can only be recycled once or twice before it has to be down-cycled. Learn more.

According to the World Economic Forum, approximately 85-90% of steel arising from manufacturing processes waste and end-of-life buildings, infrastructure, equipment, vehicles and products is currently recovered as steel scrap to produce new steel. This is still only enough to meet one quarter of global steel demand. Producing steel from secondary scrap sources uses significantly less energy and produces lower greenhouse gas emissions than mining for ore. Learn more.

Producing new steel from recycled materials requires 60% less energy and reduces Carbon Dioxide emissions by 58% compared to mining and producing it from virgin materials. Learn more.

Over the last decade, the world uses an average 26.7 million tons on copper every year. Approximately 32% of this comes from recycled materials. Recycling complex copper scrap (such as electronic waste) drives the recovery of many other metals such as gold, silver, nickel, lead and zinc. Learn more.

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